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Breaking Down the Results of the Heat Test

Breaking Down the Results of the Heat Test

At SWS Rifles, we are confident in our product and even more so following recent tests; we conducted a heat experiment of our MISB barrel with an AR platform, recently. The test consists of shooting 40 rounds on two rifles back-to-back, first with our MISB barrel and then again with an industry standard thread on suppressor. Temperatures were then taken at two, five, and ten minute marks. Here is a simple breakdown of the results:

After the first 20 rounds fired, the MISB barrel is 43% cooler than the industry standard thread on suppressor. After another 20 rounds, the difference in temperature rose to 70%. The real differences can be seen in the cool down period of the firearm. Two minutes after the shots were fired, the MISB barrel was roughly 106% cooler. The heat discrepancy continued to grow up until five minute mark where the thread on suppressor was over 110% hotter!

After several more rounds of testing our results remained relatively constant, confirming our prediction. MISB barrels maintain lower temperatures during firing and retains its lower temperature throughout the cool down process. If you are interested in owning a MISB barrel, contact our office today at (832) 759-9634.

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