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Month: November 2019

Youth White Tail w/7mag

Great customer to the shop had his son harvest a deer today with a 7mm Rem mag Light weight Hunter. The MISB really tames the belted magnums into manageable recoil for youth. This lets you hunt larger game with more confidence with younger shooters. That’s what’s it’s all about.

338LM Stiller/McMillan

Stiller Tac 338 action, McMillan Fiberglas Stock, Hawkins Bottom Metal, AI mag, Timney 510 trigger, Warne Rings, Leupold Mark 5 scope, Bartlein Barrel. 28″ oal gun weighs 13.5lbs with scope. Very well balanced

Montana Mule Deer

“Shot a good deer at 260 yards. Dialed right up and smoked his ass. More importantly I shot a target at 905 yards and hit dead center. This gun is bad ass to the bone.” – Trey B.

Vudoo V22 in MDT

Vudoo V22 action chambered in 22LR. bartline barrel, MDT Chassis, Timney Trigger. By Far the most accurate quietest 22lr ever made.

LRH w/ Custom Paint

Long Range Hunter in .257 Weatherby. LRP Leupold scope, Hawkins Precision mounts. Full custom snake skin Cerakote paint job.

Super Ultra Light 8LB

This rifle was built with nothing but weight in mind with no budget. Super Ultra Light, Feather weight Ti action from Pierce Manufacturing (Titanium bolt) AG Composite CAT stock, Leupold LRP, Hawkins Precision mounts and bottom metal, magpul mag. Head to Toe Kuiu Verde 2.0 dip by Utah Hydrographics. Rifle came in at 8Lbs.

LRH in 7MM

Long Range Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag, Bell and Carlson M40 stock, Timney trigger, Hawkins Precision Mounts and a swarovski scope to top it off.

338 Lapua

Stiller TAC338 action, bartlien barre upgrade, chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum. swarovski scope, Hawkins Mounts, Timney trigger.

Safari 375HH

Legendary arms M704 Controlled round feed action, HS Precision stock with Talley rings and a leupold scope. CUstom paint job on the action, barrel and mounts to match the stock. Chambered in the hard hitting 375HH

LRH in Toada’flauge

Long range hunter with a Trijicon scope and a full head to toe Toada.flauge dip. Done by Utah Hydrographics. chambered in 30-06, timney trigger, Magpul bottom metal.

Thermal CZ455 17HMR

A CZ455 in 17HMR with a Trijicon ReapIR thermal scope. for popping yotes and rabbits at night.

Light Weight 243

Light weight hunger in 243. 22″ barrel with 16″ effective rifling. AG composite CAT stock Hydro Dipped by Utah Hydrograpics in Deception 3D. Hawkins bottom metal, DNZ scope mount, leupold scope, Timney trigger and a Hog Saddle barricade stop. rifle weighs 7.6Lbs as pictured.

Ruger 77/44 Thumb hole

Ruger 77/44 with a 20″ Barrel 10″ effective and 10″ baffle. in a boyds laminate thumb hole

Custom 300Win Mag

Teubor Titanium action, Bartlien barrel upgrade, McMillan carbon fiber stock, Hawkins Precision rings, Schmidt and Bender PM2 in top. Timney Calvin elite single stage.


Remington action, PTG bolt, KRG stock, 16″ 300 blk barrel (non sbr), jewel trigger.

Ranch 300blk

Customer build rifle with a SWS 300blk barrel. Midwest Handguard, budget upper and bolt. 80% lower, ergo grip, Minimalist stock, bad leaver, timney trigger, HoloSun Red dot and IR laser. Great little feeder filler and Night rifle with NVs.

Whitetail taken with LRH

Nice Central Texas whitetail taken with a Long Range Hunter chambered in 25-06. Leupold scope and Magpul bottom metal.

7mm vs Javelinas

Frank taking down a few pests at the ranch with his 7mm RemMag in a KRG stock.

Whitetail Compact Hunter

Wheres a white tail taken with our Compact Hunter in 308.

Audad w/Combat Marine Outdoors

Audad taken with our Combat Marine Outdoors Demo Hunting rifle in 308

Axis Deer w/Combat Marine Outdoors

A nice axis deer taken with our custom rifle built for Combat Marine Outdoors. Remington 308, Leupold VX-6HD, Timney trigger and a Manners Stock.

White Tail Deer

Beautiful white tail deer taken with a 300 win mag. Teubor action, McMillan stock, Schmidt and Bender scope.

Central Texas Pigs

Long Range Hunter in 25-06 putting in work on the farm



AR15 Uppers

AR15 Uppers

Bolt Action

Bolt Action Rifle